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Do you want to create an event for guests who do not speak the same language? Or do you really want to attend a conference but are you worried about not fully understanding the speakers? Do you want to settle a negotiation with a foreign client but the language is a big obstacle? Contact me! Thanks to my skills and knowledge acquired over the years, as well as my expertise, I will certainly be able to meet all your needs and respond to all your requests.

But let’s see in detail which service is right for you.


The interpreter works in a soundproof booth, with headphones and a microphone, while the audience listens through devices with earphones connected to the booth. Translation takes place in real time, the interpreter listens in one language and translates into another simultaneously. This service involves the rental of the necessary equipment, but it is certainly the most used and the best method for conferences or events with a numerically important audience because the translation, being in real time, does not delay events and does allow for communication in several languages simultaneously.

Due to the high cognitive effort required, the interpreter will always be supported by a colleague with whom they work in shifts of about 20 minutes, so as not to become too tired and always be able to give the best.


The speaker talks ideally for 5-6 minutes, while the interpreter takes notes of what is being said. After that, the interpreter translates the speech in the target language.

This method is usually adopted in more limited situations, such as conferences with a smaller audience, interviews, business meetings.

Translation, not being in real time, involves a lengthening of the time as the interpreter will first listen to the speaker and then give their output in the target language.


The interpreter sits next to the person who requested the service and whispers the translation in real time. The whispered interpretation is like a simultaneous one, but carried out in the ear of one, two or maximum three people and without the use of booths or headphones.

This service is used when, for example during a conference, only a few people – up to three, for optimal results – need to hear the translation of the speakers’ speeches.


During a commercial negotiation, the interpreter sits between the two participants and carries out the interpretation, sometimes with the help of a block and a pen to take notes.

Perfect service during work negotiations at trade fairs and inside the companies themselves.


Often the most important conferences take place in various venues around the world, not necessarily near our home. And what might one do when there is no interpreter with that precise language combination available on site? You call a professional who lives in another country and uses new technologies. Thanks to the Internet, platforms have been created that allow interpreters to work from home with an interface that simulates the devices in the booths. All the audience will have to do is connect to the Internet and download the application of that particular platform in order to listen to the interpretation in real time.

This service is also used for smaller events, for meetings or corporate video conferences. The advantage is that there is no need to install booths for interpreters.


I translate from Italian to English, from English to Italian and from Spanish to Italian. I translate websites, posts on social networks, more or less technical articles, menus and more. Contact me to find out how I can help you!